AG3000 Surge Protector Lightning Arrestor

AG3000 Surge Protector Lightning Arrestor
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Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Surge Protector / Lightning Arrestor

Lightning and fluctuations in utility power are often assumed to be the main sources of power disturbances.  However, the overwhelming cause is actually equipment, such as motors and appliances, turning on and off.  Even switching lights on and off will cause electrical surges.  In fact, it is estimated that 65% of all transient voltage surges are generated from inside sources, while only 35% come from outside.

AG3000 Lightning Arrestor Product Features

  • 120/240 VAC Single Split Phase SPD for use on a variety of HVAC Equipment
  • Green LED:Protection Indicator
  • Unmatched Surge Protection Ratings
  • Only HVAC Surge Protector that is both Type 1 and Type 2 compatible
  • Meets all UL1449 3rd Edition Standards
  • Type 4x Enclosure
  • 18 in. 10 Gauge Leads
  • 1/2 inch x 20 Threaded Nipple (weatherproof and UV resistant)
  • All Intermatic Surge Protective devices utilize state-of-the-art TPMOV® surge technology

AG3000 Specifications

Service Voltage: 120/240
Type of SPD: 1 pr 2
Number of Leads: 3
Wiring Config: L1, L2, L/N-G
In Rating: 10kA
MCOV: 150/300
SCCR: 20kA
VPR: L-N 600, L-L 900
Enclosure: 4x

  • Model: AG3000


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