Zoning and Dampers

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Here you will find our selection of zoning controls, dampers, and other air conditioning parts and accessories related to zoning your home cooling, heating and duct system.  Zoning your heating and cooling system will provide enhanced comfort, flexibility in temperature control, energy efficiency, and convenience.  Read the information below to find out if zoning is right for you.

Why would I want to zone my home?

Think of zoning your heating and cooling system like the lighting in your home.  You have a light switch for each area of your home.  It wouldn't make sense to only have one light switch that turns on every light in your home, with no control of each individual room.  Zoning your furnace or air conditioning system is very similar to that.  You can have temperature control in different areas of your home.  Some of the more common reasons that zoning is done are:

  • Individuals in one zone of the home like it cooler or warmer than individuals in other zones.
  • Parts of the home are unoccupied often or for long periods of time.
  • Main living areas are used during different times than sleeping areas.
  • Offices or dens have huge heat gains due to equipment where other areas do not.
  • Upstairs areas have different heat gains and losses than downstairs areas.

How does zoning work?

Air conditioning zone control systems involve several components.  First, a zone control board connects to your heating and cooling system.  Each "zone" of your home would have it's own thermostat, and the duct system is modified so that each zone's air flow can be turned on or off by a zone damper.  This allows the heating and cooling system to feed conditioned air only to the zones that need it; which in turn reduces the load on the system, and shortens run times, which translates into reduced energy use.  However, the biggest benefit of zoning is having complete temperature and comfort control of each individual area of your home.

What is involved in adding zoning to my home?

You should have someone who is familiar with zoning systems do the installation.  There is ductwork that needs modification, motorized dampers to install, bypass dampers that must be sized and installed properly, low voltage wiring to run and thermostats to install and set up.  Consult your heating and cooling professional to determine the number of zones, and estimate the labor and additional air conditioning parts necessary to install it properly.  We can provide you with the zoning equipment once you know the requirements.